A Business Analyst & Digital Product Designer.

My name is David Omoyele, and I primarily work as a business analyst and digital product designer. Having these two skills allows me to help businesses avoid the pitfall of building digital products that have no viable market. A business analyst's work can cover a broad spectrum of responsibilities and markets, so I am going to outline the areas of business analysis in which I specialize.

Specifically, I specialize in the consumer tech, fitness, and entertainment industries. I utilize my knowledge of the technology, fitness, and entertainment industries with current market research to validate and challenge business ideas and strategies in the aforementioned industries. I provide business models and market forecasts. To provide an open example of my skills at work, I created an open-source business model for Kickstarter based on my market forecast of the crowdfunding space.

My work as a business analyst involves providing marketing strategy. It is important to note that any business model is an intricate part of marketing. People often make the mistake of thinking that marketing is primarily about advertising. Although advertising is a subset of marketing, there is more to marketing than advertising alone. Marketing is comprehensive—it involves practically all aspects of a business. From development to sales, marketing plays a vital role in keeping a business profitable and the customers happy, so your marketing strategy is essentially your business model.