Your Mission is the Message

An open letter to all potential clients
Only first class business, and that in a first class way

-David Ogilvy

Dear Founder,

As an advertising agent I help businesses tell their stories and I only desire to work with businesses that are focused on building great products and services. The strategy I have taken to every company I have worked with is this: You cannot defend your products from copycats, but you can make a better product and provide a better service, thereby defending your brand. This is a first principle. Even if people copy you, if you have a strong brand, customers will still want the original. Brands, even young ones like Warby Parker, continue to succeed because their brands are strong and they defend them. First principles inform my advertising strategies and processes. Advertising is only a means to raise awareness and sell a product when the product is ready. Therefore advertising should be used judiciously. I help brands tell their stories, and I work with social-media influencers to make sure the brands' stories are heard effectively despite all the noise online. This is my mission, this is my story. What's yours?Let's talk

All the best,
David Omoyele